Frustrations with Passwords and Mobile Phones

Here’s a┬átypical password for an account of mine: u5F<UQA:!:a*2HUk>aW&qbj6+Ik%3Hj#A\%|cQP4w.1-q]XmH*Uk]IxXR’`-`VXEjjPH/@9Pq>@z+”\- Now try to type that into an app on your phone. Now try to type that every time the app updates or you come out of airplane mode and the app wants you to login again. It becomes so tiresome, I just stopped using the app. […]

My low-sugar, high-fiber diet experience

Roughly 5 months ago, I went sugar-free for 45 days. I’ve continued on that diet since. An additional change has been the conscious choice to choose foods high in fiber. Simple changes to whole wheat pasta, whole wheat flour, whole wheat breads, far more fruits, flax, and chia seeds has drastically increased the fiber in […]